Apr 24th, 2017
5 mins


The on-trend flavour of salted caramel is now available as part of Dawn Foods’ wide range of Fonds; cream stabilisers that are ideal for a variety of dessert applications.

Halal certified and made with all-natural flavour caramel, the new Salted Caramel Fond flavours, stabilises and gelatinises whipped cream to create a set mousse with consistent colour and texture in minutes.

Bakers simply need to mix 200g Dawn® Salted Caramel Fond with 200g water (min 22°C) and gradually fold in 1000g fresh, whipped cream.

The versatile mousse can be used in many applications from topping cupcakes, tarts and muffins to filling large sponges, choux pastry and mini cupcakes.

With its subtle caramel flavour and contrasting salty taste, salted caramel is hugely in demand and was named the fastest growing flavour in 2015, as well as having the highest market penetration. According to 2016 Innova research, it is projected to keep on increasing as a flavour and there has been definite take up in global bakery companies, supermarket chains, coffee shop giants and food-to-go outlets, which are stocking various salted caramel puddings, desserts, cakes, doughnuts and tray bakes.

Dawn Foods also offers many other Fonds in its range, all of which have been reformulated to meet consumer demand for more natural products. These include white chocolate, cappuccino, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, peach & passion fruit, ruby orange, fruits of the forest, a neutral base for flavour addition plus more!

The Fonds are quick to dissolve with a harmonised yield across most products (with the exception of Quark Fond), helping to reduce the time required to create complex patisserie and gourmet desserts, and they are also freeze-thaw stable.

Dawn® Salted Caramel Fond is available in convenient 2 x 2.5kg bags.

Try our winning Salted Caramel and Peanut Cheesecake recipe for a slice of indulgence that consumers will love:

The composition –

700g   Crumble

1400g   Salted Caramel Cream

200g   DAWN® Delicream San Felipe Chocolate

60g   Roasted Peanuts (plus extra for decorating)


For the Crumble you will need to:

Mix 560g DAWN® Plain Crème Cake Base with 140g butter and press into 2 x 24cm cake rings or moulds.

Bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.


For the Salted Caramel Cream you will need to:

Mix 200g DAWN® Salted Caramel Fond and 200g (hot c.70 ˚C) water together

Add 500g cream cheese and stir until smooth.

Fold in 500g unsweetened, whipped cream

Spoon the salted caramel cream on top of the cooled down crumble bases.


To finish:

Warm up DAWN® Delicream San Felipe Chocolate slightly and add roasted peanuts to it.

Drizzle over the 2 crumble cheesecakes and then swirl this slightly.

Decorate with some additional roasted peanuts.


Yield:  2 cakes 24cm Ø

For more information and recipe ideas go to or call 01386 760843 or email


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