by Elevate Installations Ltd
Oct 16th, 2020
3 mins

With growing demands on the UK food industry to produce and emerging risks and concerns, robotic system integration can enable vast improvements to production and safety in the industry.

Able to fill workforce voids, robotic systems are diverse and expandable for any application, with multiple systems able to work co-operatively and maximise product throughput. Such integration enables rapid production line upscaling with production rate increases being achieved simply through additional robots and equipment utilising the existing programming.

Following growing concerns of hygiene and the risks incurred from the possibility of future pandemics, integration of autonomous systems can dramatically reduce interaction levels with production lines.

Smart autonomous systems can be controlled and monitored remotely and require minimal supervision. Features such as the wash-proof nature of FANUC’s robot systems also ensure hygiene can be maintained with ease and without risk of system damage during cleaning.

Smaller scale integration of robotic systems can also be achieved to provide substantial improvements. In addition to cost savings and production efficiencies, robots can be safely integrated to function alongside existing employees and support them in their roles with sensory systems capable of slowing robots to safe speeds when individuals are in close proximity. Doing so can aid in meeting social distancing requirements even in the most confined spaces, allowing production rates to be maintained without increasing space requirements.


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