by Principal Logistics Technologies Ltd
Feb 22nd, 2023
7 mins

Warehouse management software (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software specialist Principal Logistics Technologies is introducing new branding across its suite of products. The new identities are designed to remove complexity and promote consistency across the range following the company’s acquisitions of leading WMS and ERP businesses Brentech Data Systems and Chess Logistics Technology.

“These exciting strategic acquisitions added significant capabilities to our business but also resulted in a number of different product identities,” says Peter Flanagan, founder and Managing Director of Principal Logistics Technologies. “This rebranding will create the consistency that differentiates each product while making our solutions portfolio offer clearer to our growing customer base throughout Ireland and the UK.”

The company’s enterprise-level WMS product is renamed as ProWMS: Advanced Warehouse Management.

ProWMS: Advanced Warehouse Management – previously In-DEX WMS and Empirica WMS –  tailored warehouse management software offering no limits to the functionality required by small and medium enterprises to multinational warehouse operators. ProWMS includes globally patented Blockchain-based UR (Unique Referencing) technology for comprehensive traceability and AI for increased automation. It is a highly flexible, modular system designed for 3PL, distribution, wholesale, manufacturing, and retail warehouse operators. The product is robust and highly configurable to exacting standard and non-standard customer requirements.

The company is also rebranding the three other products in its range.

ProSKU: Cloud-based WMS – previously ProSKU WMS Cloud – affordable, SaaS-based PAYG (pay-as-you-go) warehouse management software suitable for all business types especially 3PL, eCommerce and eFulfilment warehouse operators. ProSKU is quick to set-up and easy to use so staff training is minimised. ProSKU connects with a comprehensive range of eCommerce and carrier integrator platforms. It is web-based with an Android-based application for optimised stock scanning and it can be used to manage a customer’s own stock or by 3PLs.

ProSCM: Advanced Supply Chain Management – previously Chess Socretes – bespoke supply chain management software that is highly configurable to address the needs of enterprise customers requiring WMS functionality with added sales and purchase order processing, purchase forecasting, reconciliation, and transport management capability.

ProERP: Advanced Order Management – previously AWARDS-BA³ ERP – an integrated, modular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed to enable and support the complex business and stock traceability rules around very high-volume purchasing, sales, handling, and storage requirements common to enterprise-level businesses required to follow robust regulation regimes. Principal Logistics Technologies has longstanding specialist expertise in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors that are required to follow stringent compliance rules.

“Bringing these products together in the Principal Logistics Technologies portfolio enables us to offer a solution for any size of business in any business sector to optimise operations, add new revenue-generating value-added services and reduce overheads,” says Brian Connolly, Corporate Development Director at Principal Logistics Technologies. “Our aim is to make it clearer where each product sits in the portfolio and to make it easier to communicate the functionality and benefits with existing and prospective customers. Since January 2020, our core headcount has grown from 16 to almost 80 highly experienced specialists who develop and support our growing customer base.”

The new branding will be phased in during 2023 to include product software and documentation.

About Principal Logistics Technologies: Principal Logistics Technologies has been introducing new value-added services, optimising operational processes, reducing operational costs, improving return on investment, and increasing revenues for warehouse and supply chain operators for over 30 years. Its advanced in-house developed software solutions include enterprise-level and cloud-based WMS warehouse management software and ERP enterprise resource planning software for customers operating in the 3PL distribution, wholesale, manufacturing, and retail warehouse sectors. The business operates from offices in Dublin, Ireland and Manchester, UK, the latter having been added through the acquisition of Chess Logistics Technology in November 2021.



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