May 29th, 2018
5 mins

Putting CoolKit to the test

CoolKit has delivered the latest batch of refrigerated vehicles to their client ALS Laboratories (UK) Ltd – which feature a bespoke flooring solution.

ALS collect samples for analytical testing from a range of food manufacturers to ensure they are safe to consume before hitting the shelves of UK supermarkets. The company has been using CoolKit as its sole supplier of refrigerated vehicles for around 12 months.

Last year they purchased 24 vehicles, primarily Renault Trafic vans, from Burnley-based CoolKit and the latest 15 vehicles have been fitted with a bespoke floor covering to prevent their loads from slipping around in the back of the vehicle.

The innovative GRP flooring is a perfect combination of a hygienic easy-to-clean resin floor, without the harshness of an anti-slip gritted floor.

Susan Pratt, UK Logistics Manager at ALS: “CoolKit has sourced a bespoke flooring for us that’s hygienic and easy to clean. Rather than having trays and boxes sliding around in the back it has given us a more stable load area.”

ALS have multiple contracts with food manufacturers and suppliers and use the refrigerated vans to collect samples for microbiological, chemistry and molecular analysis. They collect from countless locations across the UK, delivering samples back to nine food testing laboratories.

Susan added: “It is vitally important to maintain the cold chain between the point of the sample being picked up to delivery back to the laboratory. Samples typically need to be kept between 1-5 degrees and any degradation of the samples can affect the final results.”

Their fleet of 90 vehicles collect samples of food for human consumption from factories, abattoirs and artisan manufacturers. Each van has a number of collection points on the route and the vehicles are customised by CoolKit to meet ALS’ specification and are delivered complete with the ALS logo and signwriting.

ALS vans are also fitted with trackers – to monitor driver behaviour, for safety of both the load and the drivers, and to track the location of each vehicle.

“CoolKit do an excellent job and offer a professional service,” says Susan. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re ordering one van or twenty. Nothing is too much trouble for the highly-skilled team.”

CoolKit continuously monitor changing vehicle weights and fuel efficiencies to ensure their customers are using the best vehicle for the job.

Mark Beaton, Sales Specialist at CoolKit, said: “It’s great to work with the team at ALS and supply a well-known and respected company with their fleet of refrigerated vehicles. We want to ensure that we meet the customers’ needs and exceed their expectations, find solutions to real problems and deliver vehicles on time or ahead of schedule.”


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