Feb 8th, 2017
4 mins

Red Hot Valentine’s with Jalepeno Chilli

Add a little spice to a Valentine’s evening with some appetizing delights and sumptuous cocktails!
Nothing says romance like a box of truffles so why not get creative in the kitchen by adding a fun
twist to homemade truffles for the ultimate guilty indulgence. Ready to use freshly frozen red chilli is
ideal for adding a hint of caliente to any recipe whether during cooking or as the final touch to your
dishes. Chopped and available in a re-­‐sealable box or bag, just sprinkle the amount required, no need
to defrost!

Sweet & Spicy : A matchmaking treat!

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, we’ve decided to spice things up a little with some culinary
suggestions which are sure to raise the temperature this February! Freshly frozen and easy to use in
all your recipes, long gone are the days of careful chopping and stinging eyes, just sprinkle and go!
Each packet contains individually quick frozen pieces which can be added into your favourite recipes
to give that extra kick of heat!

Bring a fiery note and passionate colour to dark chocolate desserts and sumptuous cocktails with
ready to use frozen red chilli, the perfect addition to exotic meals and canapes such as stir fries,
noodle bowls, tacos, pizzas and salads. An ideal pairing for prawns, piri-­‐piri sauces, steak, seared
duck breasts and lobster carbonara.

Homemade chocolate truffles are a decadent and delicious way to treat a loved one. Bring a unique
twist to the table by infusing a hint of chilli pepper to the creamy ganache filling and you’ll be sure to
make your sweetheart swoon. Pair with a sexy cocktail for an elegant rendez-­‐vous for two. Chilli
infused simple syrup is a perfect blend for tequila, rum and vodka or try adding a little chilli to hot
chocolate for a rich warming treat.


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