Sep 28th, 2023
8 mins

The Expression of Interest (EoI) for the Accredited Trusted Trader Scheme (ATTS) is now live.

The proposed ATTS is a scheme aimed towards frequent importers of ‘medium risk’ Products of Animal Origin (POAO) and Animal By-Products (ABP) from the European Union (EU) and the Rest of World (RoW).

ATTS has been designed with a modular framework which will provide businesses with flexibility and choice in how they engage with the Trusted Trader approach. Businesses will be able to build a package of facilitations that aligns with their specific operational needs rather than needing to engage with a one-size-fits-all solution. Each module will be piloted as a first step to determine if the module will be included as part of the scheme indefinitely.

The Border Target Operating Model (TOM) has now been published and can be viewed here, for further details on the Trusted Trader scheme, please review the Trusted Trader section within the TOM (P.44 – P.47)

The Expression of Interest will be open from 11th September 2023 to the 6th October 2023. Please refer to the application form on for further details.

To be considered for the EOI, all applications must be completed in full otherwise your application may be rejected.

Providing that a business meets the minimum entry requirements to become a member of the ATTS, it will have the option of applying for different facilitations on a modular basis. These include conducting checks away from the border, simplifying the certification process for goods moving to Great Britain from a consolidation hub, and sharing supply chain data with the UK Government in return for a reduction in checks at the border proportionate to the level of assurance provided by the data. Please refer to the EOI policy document for full details of the membership criteria on

What are the modules that a trader can apply for?

Certification Logistics module

This module focuses on streamlining the certification process for animal products. It allows an Export Health Certificate to be used from the point of origin of the goods (e.g. a manufacturing site) without the need for re-certification at a consolidation hub in the EU prior to dispatch to Great Britain. This is as long as the Trusted Trader can provide acceptable assurances regarding the biosecurity integrity of the goods in the interim, throughout transport, storage and any limited manipulation that is permitted.

This benefit will initially be limited to packaged medium-risk POAO and ABP which originate from the EU.

The Certification Logistics module will initially be available only to traders importing goods into Great Britain from EU/EFTA countries.

Checks Away from the Border module

This module would allow frequent importers of animal products to reduce the need for routine physical checks at the Border Control Posts by taking responsibility for carrying out checks at other locations, to ensure the protection of biosecurity, animal and public health whilst being closely regulated by Government. The checks carried out by the trusted trader at their own site will not necessarily replicate the BCP model but will provide equivalent biosecurity and public health assurance to Government.

This benefit can be applied to medium-risk POAO and ABP.

This benefit will be available initially to traders importing goods from both the EU/EFTA countries and the Rest of the World.

Journey Assurance module

This module will consider how supply chain data and technology already utilised by businesses could be drawn upon to provide biosecurity and public health assurances.

The precise benefits associated with this module would need to be determined as part of the co-design and pilot phases, but one possibility envisaged that it would be a proportionate reduction in the level of checks based on the assurance secured via the relevant technology.

This benefit can be applied to medium-risk POAO and ABP.

This benefit will be available initially to traders importing goods from both the EU/EFTA countries and the Rest of the World.

When will the pilots take place?

The pilot of the Certification Logistics module will begin in January 2024.

Pilots for the other modules will operate from April 2024.

Defra will conduct an Expression of Interest process to provide an opportunity for a representative range of businesses to participate in the pilots delivered in 2024

Help and further information

If you would like to know further information, please visit here.

You can also get in contact with Defra here.


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