by Seafast Cold-Chain Logistics Plc
Feb 15th, 2021
4 mins

The giant 750,000 sq ft ambient and freezer distribution centre currently being constructed less than a quarter of a mile from the Port of Felixstowe is set to be a “game changer” for UK cold chain logistics industry.

Seafast is delighted to be working with freight and logistics group Uniserve on their ‘Felixstowe Mega DC‘, which is set to open its doors in the second quarter of this year. The introduction of huge new capacity into a space-starved warehousing market makes makes port-centric logistics at scale a reality for businesses moving cargo through Britain’s largest container port for the first time. Additionally, when operational the facility will house the largest port centric frozen cold store in the UK.

“The term ‘game-changer’ is sometimes bandied around too easily, but that’s exactly what the Felixstowe Mega DC is set to be – a major, much-needed game-changer for the UK supply chain industry. Its scale, its specifications and, of course, the cost / complexity / CO2 reductions stemming from port-centricity will deliver colossal value to Seafast’s customers.”

David Halliday
Managing Director, Seafast Cold Chain Logistics

Sitting on a 28-acre site along the A14, Felixstowe, the £90 million fulfilment centre will be BRC food grade accredited, bonded for both wet and dry goods and will offer consolidation services for goods in transit. Within its colossal walls (400 metres long by 120 metres wide by 21 metres high) will be housed state-of-the-art facilities enabling maximum flexibility to accommodate customer requirement across the broadest range of sectors and commodity types.

This will include:
•    100,000 sq ft cold store
•    18,000 pallet spaces of frozen storage
•    400,000 sq ft marshalling and narrow/wide aisle pallet racking
•    200,000 sq ft purpose built efulfilment zone
•    80,000 ambient pallet spaces
•    50,000 sq ft offices and staff facilities
•    10 levels of racking
•    4 mezzanine floors
•    Advanced electrical mechanical handling equipment
•    Significant green credentials

To find out more about how the Felixstowe Mega DC can bring value, visibility and control to your supply chain, please email


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