by Europastry Central Europe
Sep 12th, 2023
4 mins

Step into Sourdough September, an entire month dedicated to celebrating the remarkable world of sourdough. It’s a time to rekindle an appreciation for the intrinsic value, delectable flavors, and healthful qualities of freshly baked sourdough bread.

Sourdough, the heart of sourdough bread, flourishes as a living starter. Nurtured weekly with a blend of water and flour, this mixture gradually transforms into a tangy haven as the harmonious dance of yeast and beneficial bacteria unfolds.

Within Europastry’s realm, a devoted brand, Saint Honore, orbits around the essence of sourdough. The roots of this legacy extend three decades, paying homage to Pere Gallés’ visionary legacy and the unwavering commitment to age-old techniques and meticulous craftsmanship.

Crafting Saint Honore’s exquisite breads adheres to the methodology that elevates bread-making into an art. Each step is infused with meticulous attention, safeguarding the artisanal soul and sumptuous taste that grace every loaf.

The fulcrum of Saint Honore’s bread alchemy lies in its sourdough. Each product enjoys an exclusive sourdough base, meticulously tailored to capture the grain’s quintessence. The path to perfection unwinds through a leisurely fermentation process on specialized wooden boards, sanctioned for use with consumables. Here, time becomes a secret ingredient, an irreplaceable elixir bestowed upon the loaves. It echoes the patience of traditional craftsmen, spanning hours or even days. These precious moments orchestrate the birth of the sourdough starter, its nurturing, the dough’s gentle proofing, and the tender folding that nurtures high hydration, yielding robustness and tenderness. Eventually, this passage of time transmutes into a symphony of flavor, aroma, texture, and hue.

In the realm of Saint Honore’s bread, we revere the tapestry of authentic bread-making history. We tread firmly on our roots while setting our sights on Europastry’s aspirations. Our processes remain steeped in the traditions of French baking, and our loaves stand as monuments to our heritage, sources of immense pride.

Want to know more about Saint Honore and the range we offer, visit the website: Pain Saint Honoré

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