Nov 23rd, 2023
4 mins

For those BFFF members who are involved in the import of goods into the UK, we would like to draw your attention to a recent Defra announcement, where they have stated their ‘intention’ for SPS checks on goods arriving through the Short Straits to be undertaken inland at Sevington.

Following the announcement, Dover Port Health have issued the following statement:

You may have attended last week’s BBTP Business Readiness Forum (14 November) and/or received correspondence from Defra on Friday (17 November) where the UK Government announced an ‘intention’ for SPS checks on goods arriving through the Short Straits to be undertaken at Sevington (22 miles inland from the Point of Entry into the UK at Dover).

Following the announcement of the intention, we have urgently and robustly engaged with government seeking clarification (and details) as to how their intention could or would be achieved, delivered, or controlled in practice and whether Sevington can meet all the requirements of the legislation to be designated as a BCP, with the relevant legislation yet to be finalised.

Therefore, we continue to lobby government and work with key Dover stakeholders such as the Port of Dover to scrutinise government actions, and to establish some direction on how your imports will be processed without delay, and or additional costs. An option may include a commercial business operating Bastion; we cannot and will not sit by and leave our businesses, agents, and importers in this disadvantageous position, without the operational delivery support they expect and deserve.

Dover District Council / Dover Port Health Authority continues to operate as a Port Health Authority for Dover Port and the Channel Tunnel, carrying out our functions from the existing and operational BCP within the Port of Dover. As such we continue to work to ensure everything is in place for the operational requirements of the BTOM for the Short Straits.

Please be assured, in the meantime, it remains very much business as usual, and all port health controls concerning the Short Straits, should be directed to Dover Port Health:


Telephone: 01304 872216

The BFFF will strive to keep members updated of any developments, but please do let us know if you have any questions or need assistance in any way, and we do our best to help.


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