by Lantmannen Unibake UK Ltd
Oct 12th, 2022
8 mins

New research from burger market experts, Americana, reveals that operators should offer exciting & international cuisines to retain customer interest. Combine this insight with a versatile quality bun as an ideal holder for street food fillings.

Now more than ever, operators are looking to encourage customers to continue to dine-out. As concerns over the cost-of-living crisis grow and purse strings tighten, leveraging current menu trends is the best way for operators to stay competitive and drive a profit. Street food continues to see large market growth (+85%[1]), and burgers continue to prove popular with 87% of consumers eating a burger at least once a month[2]. Latest research from Lantmännen Unibake UK’s Americana brand looks at the opportunity for operators to support their sales by pursuing these trends, during the current economic climate.

Lifting the (burger bun) lid on the UK demand for street food cuisines further, the research reveals that 33% of respondents currently eat out at least once a week[3], with top reasons from consumers given as the want for a treat (53%) and to socialise (40%)[4]. 32% of consumers could then be tempted to dine out more often, by the lure of trying new cuisines, and their exciting flavour combinations (26%)[5].

Americana’s new research finds the number one driver of customers ordering street food is the opportunity to try something new. When ordering cuisines like Chinese and Mexican, consumers are looking to order a range of dishes, from burgers, to chicken based meals, to burritos, tacos and nachos. These foods have been called-out by consumers as the best street food has to offer, and as such operators should ensure they are included on their menus to retain interest.

When it comes to eating out of home, the top cuisines consumers look for are[6]:

  1. Chinese (55%)
  2. Italian (50%)
  3. Western (40%)
  4. Mexican (29%)
  5. Thai (24%)

When it comes to ordering bun-led street food, consumers state that the type of bun is a key consideration (37%)[7], more so than the opportunity of trying something new (33%)[8], or the ability to try interesting flavour combinations (31%)[9]. 76% of consumers are more likely to buy a burger if it is served in a gourmet bun, where top bun choices include the Brioche Burger Bun (28%) and the Grilled Marked Burger Bun (14%)[10].

For operators looking to maximise on the street food filled burger bun trend, the top sales drivers to encourage purchase are:

  • High quality ingredients (37%)[11] – from the filling to the bun, consumers are looking for good quality food for their money. Eating out is a treat and the menu options should reflect that.
  • Trying something new (33%)[12] – consumers want innovation and excitement when it comes to their eating out experience. Luckily operators can put just about any street food filling in a gourmet bun and turn it into a novel hybrid of popular cuisines, let the bun be your canvas!
  • Interesting flavour combinations (31%)[13] – operators can tempt new consumers by giving them the option to create their own filling combination (39%) or offering a set menu with different cuisines (37%)[14].
  • Top street food cuisines to fill a quality, gourmet bun – American (45%), British (33%) and Mexican (24%) and surprisingly Italian comes in fourth (18%)[15].

Samantha Winsor, Marketing Manager at Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana brand, comments “Market insight shows consumer demand for both burgers and street food. We also know that most out-of-home trends start in the street food market before building momentum. Making the trend to use street food inspired fillings, in a quality gourmet bun, adds diversity, flavour and interest to operators’ menus, and will help drive sales.”

“Our research clearly shows the opportunity for operators to make more of their burger menus by extending their burger offering, and including globally inspired fillings, like Chinese, Mexican, Italian and American cuisines, served in a gourmet bun. The Americana Gourmet Burger Bun range is an ideal blank canvas to be used for operators to build-out their international dishes into an on-trend street food offering, appealing to more consumers, and in turn helping to drive both sales and profit.”

For operators looking for inspiration, Americana have created a Street Food filled bun menu for each of the buns in their gourmet range, as voted for by consumers:

  1. American Short Rib with Mac & Cheeseburger in an Americana Brioche Bun
  2. Mexican Chipotle Chicken Burger in an Americana Grill Marked Bun
  3. Vegan Tofu Burger with Asian Slaw in an Americana Gourmet Burger Bun




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