by Partners&
Oct 10th, 2022
4 mins

The BFFF are inviting its members to complete our quick 2-minute survey to gain a greater understanding of the ‘People Risk’ challenges we are collectively facing and how we can best navigate the road ahead.

Why are the BFFF undertaking this research?
Last year’s BFFF member survey highlighted concerns about how well we deal with mental health and well-being and now this year, with many people facing the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’, this not only adds more pressure on mental health but has highlighted Financial well-being as a new area of priority.

In order to aid members in navigating and tackling these challenges, this year the BFFF has joined forces with one of our newest associate members, Partners& – insurance, risk and resilience experts – to get under the skin of this problem. 

The research process:

Phase 1 – To best serve our membership, we are first looking to build a picture of the specific ‘People Risk’ issues our members are facing, the measures we might already be undertaking, and how effective members feel they are in addressing these challenges.

Through the quick survey below we will be able to gain an understanding of our collective benchmark which will form the basis of our research.

Phase 2 – The deep dive – Once we have our BFFF members benchmark we will then be looking for a number of businesses to take part in anonymous interviews to provide richer understanding of the challenges organisations in this sector are facing.

The Findings – Combining the data from phase 1 and 2 we will then work with Partners& to build our final research report which will be unveiled at our upcoming Health and Safety conference February 2023. Not only will the report be filled with interesting statistics from our research and benchmarking measures to aid your own in-house discussion-making it will also provide a rich insight into what the ‘People risk’ challenge looks like for different organisations and guidance as to what measures can be implemented to best benefit your business needs.

Take part – Complete the survey here.


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