Aug 11th, 2022
4 mins

Government is seeking to broaden their approach to engagement to ensure they’ve heard from a wide range of interested stakeholders regarding the Target Operating Model (TOM)

Departments have already conducted specific, targeted engagement with critical stakeholders over the past few months and this policy-specific engagement will continue over August. However, it will now also be complemented by a series of cross-cutting workshops to discuss the development of the TOM with those who may not have a direct interest in the Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary (SPS) and Safety & Security (S&S) policy models but who are interested in the scope and approach to implementation of the TOM.

The objective of these cross-cutting sessions will be to work with stakeholders to determine if Government is focusing on the right elements of the border model to change; to explore and identify the main challenges in implementing the TOM; and to gain insight on the level of detail industry will require in the draft TOM discussion document they intend to publish in Autumn.

Following the sector workshops, Cabinet Office will circulate an open invitation to all stakeholders to attend a fifth and final workshop, in person at 100 Parliament Street or virtually, covering themes and issues drawn out through workshops

The key questions they will focus on during these sessions include:

  • What are your views on the benefits of the proposed models for SPS and S&S in the round?
  • Where do Government need to work further with industry to refine the developing model?
  • What are your views on the implementation of the new approach and what will industry and Government need to allow this to happen smoothly?

Workshops will take place on the following dates and times, with the following groups:

18th Aug 2022           10:30-12:00 – Hauliers and Intermediaries (virtual)

18th Aug 2022           14:00-15:30 – CSPs and software developers (virtual)

23rd August 2022    14:00 -15:30 – Ports and Carriers (virtual)

24th August 2022     14:00 -15:30 – Business and Consumer Representative Organisations (virtual)

31st August 2022      14:00-16:00 – 100 Parliament Street (hybrid)

To register your interest, please complete the registration form BY MIDDAY 16TH AUGUST. Calendar invites will be sent out once registration has closed.




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