In addition to their chilled store in Aylesford, Subzero will be expanding into a second neighbouring location, providing clients with one location for chilled, frozen and ambient storage as well as expanded new office space for the ever growing team.

The new facility will provide customers with a myriad of advanced features and a tailored but seamless experience. It will be a one stop shop facility with ambient, chilled and frozen capabilities, setting new service standards. The site will also include a rest and relaxation area for both visiting and Subzero HGV drivers wishing to take a break (or a shower). Speaking to Managing Director Stewart Williams he said “Giving drivers a place to take a well deserved break, while getting to see a few friendly faces was imperative in the planning stages of the new office. It’s often an overlooked part of the job description, but drivers can spend long and lonely hours on the road with no access to clean wash rooms, a hot cuppa or someone to chat to. By providing these facilities we are playing a small part in contributing to job satisfaction and better mental health for our drivers.”.

Designed and fitted by industry experts the new store will be serviced by Subzeros’ top of the range vehicle fleet which are specially designed to carry multiple temperature loads, featuring independent temperature control of the front and rear compartments and movable bulkheads between the refrigeration units.

The expanded facility is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of January 2022.

Established in 2003, Subzero is a family owned business built on an extensive knowledge of the food trade. With offices and stores located in Kent – close to both London and Dover. We offer both 3PL and 4PL transport services, with a focus on providing bespoke and tailored solutions.


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