Feb 11th, 2021
4 mins

Food waste is having a significant impact on climate change, with around one third of the food we produce worldwide being lost or wasted. This contributes to a staggering 8-10% of total man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Food waste relates to any food that goes unsold or unused in supermarkets or restaurants, as well as food purchased by citizens that goes uneaten.

To raise awareness, WRAP have dedicated a whole week in March to raise awareness of the environmental consequences of wasting food. The UK’s first Food Waste Action Week will run from Monday 1st March to Sunday 7th March 2021, bringing together citizens and organisations from retail, manufacturing, local government, hospitality and elsewhere to help demonstrate the impact of wasted food on people, on businesses and on the planet.

The BFFF have been working with WRAP to highlight the benefits of buying frozen and we are pleased that they are going to be covering this messaging during Food Waste Action Week.

Buying pre-prepared frozen food can ensure that there is greater portion control, helping to cut the amount of food being thrown away unnecessarily. In addition to that, due to the longer shelf life of frozen food, it can result in less wastage through the supply chain as it’s not as fast paced and time sensitive as the chilled market.

On the 4th March, the BFFF are also holding their Technical conference and are pleased to have Helen White, a Special Advisor on Household Food Waste for WRAP, join us on the day as we discuss waste and sustainability. Helen works with food retailers, manufacturers and brands to engage citizens in reducing food waste and is WRAP’s spokesperson on household food waste-related matters. With expertise in strategic planning, she has played a key role in defining WRAP’s new approach to citizen food waste prevention and the re-development of Love Food Hate Waste. She provides advice, guidance and insight to Courtauld 2025 signatories and partners based on WRAP’s extensive evidence.

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