Oct 5th, 2023
7 mins

The cost of life is circa £1500 pounds and each one of those £’s you will hope you have wasted. The cost of living, is a crunch which is hitting us all, one will pass, the other is frequently fatal.

It is never the right time to think of death in the workplace, however it happens, so the right time is always, now.

We talk of course of AEDs and Cardiac Arrest.

Defib Plus and the BFFF have been partnered for a while now, the BFFF continuously underwriting its commitment to ensuring its members are fully aware and provided for in H&S. This is highlighted here, by focusing on a unique Preservation of Life event in the workplace, Cardiac Arrest, which for 9 out of 10 is fatal, without intervention. Defib Plus, provides you the best advice and equipment at subsidised pricing, often more cost efficient than any other UK provider. But our joint venture in this preservation of life, goes beyond cost of equipment.

The principal concern for corporate ownership of AEDs, is that of liability and litigation. DFPL mitigates that risk at every level and is the principal reason for our two organisations joining forces.

The primary obligation that must be met in ownership of defibrillators, is under PUWER, but with that comes the requirement for a member of staff to make the efficacy checks and record their findings for company record. Unsupported by your equipment supplier, this may be deemed a risk for both the individual concerned and the company. In our experience, there can be many mistakes made in this process. Defib Plus undertakes those vital compliances for you, as per manufacturers guidelines and as per time stipulations. On the equipment passing inspection, we certificate that device as checked and approved for use. Best practice in your Duty of Care – demonstrated, by your equipment supplier.

Beyond undertaking your above statutory compliance we also;

  • Replace all AEDs maintained & purchased through Defib Plus at their warranty end – free of charge
  • Should a legal entity believe they have a case against any of our clients, for any reason, we have in place – ‘full right of recourse to manufacturer’ to protect you.
  • We supply free consumables, batteries and electrodes x 2 during warranty period
  • We fulfil all statutory Duty of Care obligations for those staff deploying a unit in a resuscitation attempt.
  • There’s more, please contact us for details.

The capital cost of this equipment and its subsequent maintenance is 100% tax deductible, please seek you tax advisors advice.

Outsource your compliance, outsource your risk. Defib Plus is unique in the UK in the extent of its support coverage.

The ownership of AEDs is well recognised as the responsible and gold standard approach to a corporate H&S policy, without them, is to be lacking. Indeed there is now a train of thought, highlighted by the Resuscitation Council UK, that there may be repercussions for not having AEDs, should a case be brought (in the event of death) and the belief prevail that there was no ‘reasonable barrier to ownership’. This is naturally more prevalent for major retailers and other high footfall business than others, but it serves as an indicator. The perceived hurdles to ownership, must be broken down, by being addressed and this is our ethos. If your corporate opinion is that you wish to provide this equipment, but require peace of mind in ownership, please see

If at a time, when sadly we see the worst ambulance response times in living memory, you feel responsible for your staff and visitors, let’s talk responsible care, with responsible ownership. We welcome the chance to assist you.

Tel :- 0333 3355667

Buy the time to save a life.


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