Feb 8th, 2017
3 mins

The Food ATP: New Modules for 2017!

The Science of Baking

This module provides an overview of the baking process including dough development and structure and an overview of the main ingredients used in baking.  The function of various mixing systems will be discussed and their effects on the development of dough structure and how this can be measured to achieve consistent quality.  The science behind the stages of bread making will be explored and the use of various methods of baking.  The module also includes recent developments in baking, staling, quality control and new trends in the baking process.  There will be practical demonstrations of bakery texture measurements and rheological testing and the instrumental measurements of baking quality.  We are delighted to have several industry experts who will be contributing to the delivery of this module.

The Science of Wheat & Milling

This module will discuss the genetics of wheat and plant breeding and will provide details on the structure and function of wheat and it’s components.  The effect of modifying fibres and milling fractions in baking on diet and health will be discussed.  The module will also cover the principles of milling and new developments in this sector.  The assessment of wheat and flour quality for bread making and measurement of wheat and milling quality will be covered.  Also included will be a practical session on the effect of various wheat milling fractions on baking quality.  We are delighted to have a number of external speakers and industry experts contributing to this module.

For more information please contact:

Libby Good

Business Development Manager
The Food Advanced Training Partnership

1.42 Department of Food & Nutritional Sciences
The University of Reading, PO Box 226, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6AP

T: 0118 378 7730                 E: 


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