Oct 17th, 2023
5 mins

The Frozen Food Revolution is here! Independent research, commissioned by the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), has unveiled that 2 in 5 consumers are now buying more frozen food than they did just a year ago.

Kantar data from the second quarter of 2023 shows that frozen food sales are growing steadily. For the 12 weeks to 11 June, we have seen a 1.6% growth rate, surpassing the 0.5% seen in the first quarter.

The demand for value is evident, due to the UK facing skyrocketing food prices. Inflation hit 19% in March this year, the highest since 1977. While it did slow down to 13.6% in August and further to 12.2% in September, these rising costs continue to strain household budgets. As the entire food industry passes on these price increases to consumers, frozen food is emerging as an increasingly cost-effective option.

Switching from fresh to frozen on supermarket staples such as pizza and veggies can bring huge savings. For example, you can save approximately 80% when buying a frozen meat feast pizza and 56% when buying frozen broccoli over their fresh counterparts.

Having said that, consumers aren’t just looking for savings; they are also seeking knowledge. The research uncovered that 42% of consumers are willing to buy more frozen food if they have a better understanding of its sustainability, waste reduction, and nutritional benefits.

Capitalising on these findings, the BFFF is launching The Frozen Food Revolution, a consumer facing campaign aimed at informing, educating, and engaging consumers about the numerous benefits of frozen food. This includes waste reduction, cost savings, sustainability, quality and nutrition. The campaign is running from October 16th to 25th 2023.

Frozen food has managed to weather the economic storm but it’s crucial to re-engage and grow the customer base which was established during the pandemic. As the availability of fresh and ambient foods returns to pre-pandemic levels, consumers might be swayed by the pricier produce often placed at the front of store. The Frozen Food Revolution aims to remind shoppers that the lower price of frozen food is not indicative of inferior quality. In fact, it’s more a result of the intricate logistics involved in stocking fresh produce.

Frozen food is generally cheaper due to factors such as reduced transportation costs as a result of its extended shelf life and less food spoilage meaning producers and retailers don’t need to account for this in the cost.

The campaign will not only benefit consumers by highlighting the advantages of frozen food but will also provide support to federation members, frozen food manufacturers, foodservice providers, and retailers.

Frozen food is an excellent choice, irrespective of its lower price point. With food prices expected to remain high, it’s in everyone’s interest to promote value, quality, and reduced waste, benefiting both the environment and our society.


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