by The Ice Co Ltd
Aug 24th, 2022
4 mins

Europe’s leading ice manufacturer and supplier, The Ice Co., is breaking boundaries in the frozen category, having developed a more sustainable alternative to widely used plastic bags. The Ice Co’s Super Cubes & Spring Water Ice Cubes’ bags are certified as ‘100% recyclable as paper’, believed to be a UK first in the frozen aisle.

The business recognised how consumers are becoming more focused on sustainability, and how much this can impact their decision making. This insight led the product development, with the resulting ice cube bags being fully recyclable, along with paper – a truly ground-breaking innovation in the frozen category. The Ice Co. is confident that the NPD is something that will resonate with shoppers looking for greener product and packaging alternatives.

Polly Metcalfe, Managing Director at The Ice Co., commented:

“We are really excited to be bringing The Ice Co. recyclable paper bags to market. This innovation means that as a business we can have a lesser impact on the planet. On average around 80% of paper is recycled in the UK, compared to just 40% of plastic, so being first to debut and test this is really important to us. I believe we’re pioneers of this in the frozen category. Hopefully a lot of brands will follow suit and we can lead the way to a more sustainable future.

“We urge retailers who want to trial this to contact us, too. Not only does the plastic-free packaging have benefits for the consumer, but for retailers, it’s a superb social and corporate responsibility initiative, and a clear way to work towards the Global Climate Change Agreement.”

The Ice Co. has now completed Stage One of its wider sustainability drive, which saw the business switch to 100% green and renewable energy. Stage Two’s goal to ‘reduce, remove, and eliminate’, has already begun and recently saw the manufacturer reducing its plastic packaging by 30%, which in-turn sparked the innovation for the new paper packaging.

The limited-edition packaging will launch with The Ice Co.’s Spring Water Ice Cubes at the Co-op Glastonbury Festival store.

Any retailer or event interested in partnering with The Ice Co. for its paper-format can contact the team at For more information on The Ice Co., please visit the website:


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