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by Iceland Foods Ltd
Oct 12th, 2022
5 mins

With Halloween creeping round the corner, shoppers and ghoul chasers can get Iceland’s three for £5.00 on party food, so customers can celebrate the spooktacular day without breaking the bank. The party food range is available in store and online from Wednesday 19th October.        

Iceland customers are guaranteed to be the life and soul of every party, with the extensive range of treats to fill up the party table. There’s something for everyone, with classics including Chicken Goujons (£2.25, 25pk), Mozzarella Sticks (£2.25, 18pk) plus Cheese deep-dish Pizza (£2.25, 9pk) and Pepperoni Deep-dish Pizza (£2.50, 9pk).

Looking for the ideal side dish to keep guests full? How about Iceland’s new Tater Tots (£2.25, 600g), a guaranteed favourite of partygoers, with light and fluffy shredded potato deep fried in delicious, savoury crunchy coating. Want to keep guests dying for more? Cheese Puffs (£2.25, 15pk) are bite-sized, airy, puffs packed with rich cheddar cheese, perfect for dipping and snacking on at a party – don’t forget to pick up some Cheddar Cheese Popcorn (£2.25, 12pk) too!

Craving something more traditional to keep the party going past midnight? Get your hands on Cocktail Sausage Rolls (£2.25, 60pk) and Cheese & Onion Rolls (£2.25, 45pk), the big packs will keep your guests feeling satisfied rather than gutted.

Fill the freezer with tasty and affordable treats to keep the party happy. Guests will be thrilled to find favourites like Hot Dog Rolls (£2.25, 15pk), Sticky Chicken Skewers (£2.25, 8pk) Iceland Duck Spring Rolls (£2.25, 15pk) and Iceland Vegetable Spring Rolls (£2.25, 24pk) part of the spread too.

Leave the tricks to the ghouls with treats perfect for guests with a sweet tooth. Scarily Sweet White Chocolate Pumpkins (£5.00, 4pk) will get you into the spooky spirit. Feast your eyes upon Salted Caramel Smashed Skull (£5.00, 595g) and Scarily Sweet Toads (£5.00, 4pk) for the spookiest of table.

But that’s not all, exclusive favourite brands are in on the fun too! Shoppers can get exclusive party picks from Chiquitos, Cathedral City, Heinz, TGIs, Yo!, Harry Ramsdens and Greggs. Keep guests begging for more with Cathedral City Cheese Bites (£3.00, 12pk), Greggs Mini Sausage Rolls (£2.75, 16pk) and Heinz Baked Beans Pockets (£2.75, 600g).

Not only can customers get this unmissable deal but all of it can be cooked in an air fryer too, meaning that shoppers can still have fun this Halloween without having to use the oven.

Available from 19th October, products in the 3 for £5 deal include:

  • Iceland Tater Tots (£2.25, 600g)
  • Iceland Cheese Deep-dish Pizza (£2.25, 9pk)
  • Iceland Pepperoni Deep-dish Pizza (£2.50, 9pk)
  • Iceland Hot Dog Rolls (£2.25, 15 pk)
  • Iceland Chicken Goujons (£2.25, 25pk)
  • Iceland Sticky Chicken Skew (£2.25, 8pk)
  • Iceland Duck Spring Rolls (£2.25, 15pk)
  • Iceland Vegetable Spring Rolls (£2.25, 24pk)
  • Iceland Cheese Puffs (£2.25, 15pk)
  • Iceland Cheddar Cheese Popcorn (£2.25, 12pk)
  • Iceland Mozzarella Sticks (£2.25, 18 pk)
  • Iceland Cocktail Sausage Roll (£2.25, 60pk)
  • Iceland Cheese & Onion Rolls (£2.25, 45pk)
  • Iceland Apple Pie Bites (£2.25, 168g)
  • Iceland Mini Eclairs (£2.25, 20pk)

To get your hands on the 3 for £5.00 party food offer, head to:



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