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by Europastry Central Europe
May 17th, 2023
3 mins

Europastry is revolutionizing the industry with Cutting-Edge Automation and its own engineered technology.

Europastry Central Europe is an international frozen bakery company with multiple products plants, including one in Oldenzaal. Europastry Central Europe aspires to be innovative and being at the forefront of the market, they have a new innovative addition to their bakery, the owned engineered BallDots line. This line is fully automated and offers production of both filled and unfilled BallDots, which guarantees the finest quality in every BallDot produced. Catering to the needs of Retail, Foodservice and other industries.

The BallDots Line is set apart from other production lines on the market because the process is completely automated, with no need for manual labor. This ensures increased efficiency, precision, and consistency in the manufacturing of each BallDot.This line does not require workers to manually handle and finish products, in turn allowing Europastry to reinvest resources efficiently. It is becoming a perfect addition to the company’s ambitions in economic sustainability. The BallDots are now made from round balls which rise; preventing excessive wastage.

In case you were wondering what BallDots were. They are our signature doughnuts without the hole! Giving a bigger moment of indulgence with twice as much flavour. These can be served as a tasty snack or to finish your meal. Prepare for an explosion of flavours and textures that will surprise and delight your taste buds. There are multiple possibilities for coatings and fillings. With the BallDots Line, Europastry aims to provide their customers with unparalleled quality, convenience and versatility.

For more information about the BallDots, the new line and Europastry’s range of products, please visit:


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