by Harry
Nov 4th, 2020
3 mins

November marks the start of the announcement process for the British Frozen Food Awards. The BFFF have been keen throughout COVID-19 to complete the judging process for both Retail and Foodservice Frozen products. 

The need for positivity and excitement within industry and your place at work is ever more important this year, and with the announcements running from now until the start of March the BFFF hopes this will bring you just that. 

Richard Harrow CEO at the BFFF comments, “We have worked closely with our Health and Safety team to keep all judges safe throughout the product judging process. We are really excited to bring you a range of NPD into the Frozen food market for both, retail and foodservice. And to highlight the amazing work the industry does in developing these products and continues to do so in these challenging times.” 

The first announcement coming from the BFFF is the judging process for the Foodservice products.  The federation will also be making weekly announcements of category shortlists and further information about the judging process. 

The BFFF Digital Marketing manager Harry Hinks comments, “Here at the BFFF, we want to be as transparent as we can in the processes we carry out each product to highlight the prestigious accolade companies can get if they do win their category. 


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