by TraceGains
Oct 4th, 2023
6 mins

 TraceGains, the food and beverage industry’s only networked ingredients marketplace, today announced the launch of TraceGains Sales Hub, the newest application in the TraceGains Gather™ platform. Sales Hub empowers ingredient suppliers to better compete in today’s increasingly dynamic global raw food environment by amplifying their presence on the TraceGains Marketplace with the ability to identify and capitalize on high-quality leads, expedite sales processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.

“Sourcing is so much easier with TraceGains Gather,” said David Phuong, QA Director, Snak-King. “Our R&D team was able to quickly find several suppliers for a hard-to-find ingredient. In the past, we had to use a search engine for sourcing, and it would take twice as long.”

As the global food and beverage ingredients market grows rapidly, sales and marketing professionals in the supplier sector often face challenges in their roles, including emails, cold calls, and lengthy waits for customer inquiries. TraceGains Sales Hub allows suppliers to market their products on a dedicated global marketplace exclusively designed for food and beverage industry services. This innovative platform connects suppliers with buyers who are actively seeking ingredients and new supplier relationships, and know precisely what they need, facilitating a smoother and more efficient transaction and helping suppliers sell more in a highly competitive world.

“Suppliers are the lifeblood of our marketplace, and we’re continually looking for innovative ways to enhance their presence and streamline connections with brands,” said Emma Karp, Product Manager, TraceGains. “For years, we’ve pushed back against single-use portals and burdensome, one-off processes, helping suppliers serve multiple customers at once. TraceGains Sales Hub is the next logical step for our Gather platform, creating that same experience for suppliers looking to reach new markets and grow their businesses. This exciting innovation is poised to transform the way ingredient suppliers operate, allowing them to focus on what they do best while getting more direct leads from active buyers, leaving the guesswork and confusion behind.”

TraceGains Sales Hub Features
With access to the world’s most extensive networked ingredients marketplace that attracts brands and manufacturers from across the globe, TraceGains Sales Hub empowers ingredient suppliers to thrive in today’s competitive market, reduce manual processes, and never miss a sales opportunity. Key features include:

  1. Showcase: Sales Hub enables ingredient suppliers to create virtual storefronts for their product catalogs. Suppliers can configure featured products and listing information and market directly to buyers actively seeking specific materials.

  2. Sales Requests: Managing samples and requests from buyers has never been easier. Sales Hub helps suppliers efficiently receive and handle customer inquiries, ensuring no opportunity falls through the cracks.

  3. Sales Leads: The platform automates the capture and tracking of current and potential customer interactions, producing high value leads from interested prospects, and making it easy to manage them for effective follow-up. Active buyers are paired with capable sellers.

  4. Listing Analytics: Sales Hub’s intuitive reporting tools automatically track listing performance and activity. Suppliers can identify top-performing listings, monitor views and trends over time, and measure requests and document downloads.

With more than 64,000+ supplier locations and 466,000+ items and ingredients, TraceGains has become food and beverage brands’ de facto marketplace for supply chain support. Now, with the launch of TraceGains Sales Hub, TraceGains is setting a new industry standard for efficiency and customer engagement and creating a modern sales vehicle for the food and beverage industry.

For more information about TraceGains Sales Hub and to request a demo, please visit


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