by Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks
Aug 20th, 2021
4 mins

UniCarriers today announce the launch of their new MXL heavy-duty (4.0 – 5.5 ton) 4-wheel electric counterbalance truck, the first vehicle of its kind in the UniCarriers range: an electric forklift that’s built for the challenges of moving heavy loads in a modern freight environment. It offers its users the chance to go fully emission-free, and it’s every bit as tough, as fast and as powerful as any truck with a combustion engine. But more than that, it has unique ergonomics and comes with a lower total cost of operation than IC solutions.

With near-silent hydraulic pumps, the MXL can move heavy loads all day without the noise pollution of traditional powertrains. The loudest sound the driver will hear is the ventilation fan. And that’s not just a benefit for the driver, but for everyone else in the workplace, too. With improved cabin visibility, fully customizable controls, and better handling indoors and outside, the MXL is a performance-oriented tool for the ambitious forklift operator.

Best energy consumption in class

Electric vehicles are only as good as the battery that powers them, and here as well, the MXL offers best-in-class performance. A full charge lasts longer than a single shift, and the batteries can be charged during breaks or easily swapped out for a fully charged spare. So, whether the facility runs single, double, or triple shifts, whether the whole fleet is electric or the MXL runs alongside other drive systems, the energy source places no limitations on your workflow. For even better energy efficiency the MXL is available with high-performance Li-ION batteries to meet even the most challenging business demands.

Innovative boost functions

The motor and drive system have been engineered to impress. Automatic acceleration boost and extra torque when needed mean that electric trucks no longer need to compromise on performance, while an electric differential lock maintains perfect handling, even on slippery surfaces.

The new MXL heavy-duty electric counterbalance truck is built for the challenges of moving heavy loads in a modern freight environment and it’s good news for the bottom line, too. With lower maintenance costs and savings on energy consumption, a fleet of MXL vehicles offers a lower Total Cost of Operation than a comparable IC fleet.


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