by Wagner UK Ltd.
Mar 24th, 2023
4 mins

WAGNER Rail GmbH, fire protection solution provider for rail vehicles and subsidiary of WAGNER Group GmbH, received another major order from Indian Railways at the end of 2022 to equip 1,100 rail vehicles with the TITANUS PRO∙SENS® fire detection system. The order volume of the Indian state railroad company amounts to several million euros.

The fire protection solution provider secured the first order for Indian Railways four years ago, whereupon further follow-up orders for equipping cars with the PRO∙SENS® fire detection system were concluded in 2021. With the additional order, the number of rail vehicles equipped with WAGNER fire protection technology at Indian Railways adds up to about 5,000 cars. The total volume is in the double-digit million euro range. “Despite difficult market conditions, our business in India has developed very successfully in recent years and continues to develop sustainably in perspective. Our partner J.K. EXIM Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi has built up a reliable and experienced local team that exclusively installs WAGNER systems in the trains. Market access through this local partner is an important key to success for us.” Dr. Markus Müller, Managing Director of WAGNER Rail GmbH, explains. “WAGNER’s fire protection solutions meet the requirements of state-of-the-art fire protection technology in rail transport to the highest degree. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the aspirating smoke detectors and thus early and reliable detection of fires, appropriate countermeasures can be initiated in the rail vehicles at a very early stage in the event of an incident. This was the decisive argument for Indian Railways in awarding the contract,” explains Anish Gupta, owner and managing director of J.K. EXIM Pvt. Ltd. and our partner in India.

The main protection goals of integrated fire protection solutions for rail vehicles are, in addition to personal protection, the avoidance of operational interruptions and the protection of investments, material assets and infrastructure. The TITANUS PRO∙SENS® aspirating smoke detector is used to monitor large areas and is particularly suitable for use in rail vehicles due to its high sensitivity and deceptive alarm reliability even under difficult ambient conditions. The system detects a fire at an early stage so that affected areas can be evacuated in time in case of fire and the fire can be fought in a targeted manner.


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