Aug 12th, 2020
7 mins

Wanted: Skill, talent and motivation for forklift operation

Once again, but quite a bit differently this year, Talent in Logistics and UniCarriers are searching for the new Forklift Operator of the Year. After a first round of online testing and the exciting final challenges, the winner will be honoured at the online Talent in Logistics Awards night. While maintaining the original spirit of the competition, Talent in Logistics and UniCarriers are taking all necessary precautions regarding the current pandemic. For the first time, the competition will be hosted as a virtual event for supporters of the competitors. Therefore, the Forklift Operator of the Year challenge will provide an important and fun event for talented and knowledgeable logistics employees, all while protecting participants and their colleagues, friends and family.

With their work, employees in the logistics sector contribute to the global economy and the functioning of our society. The Forklift Operator of the Year is meant to value their commitment and dedication to this important sector – their work has become even more essential in times of the current coronavirus pandemic. But to work in logistics and warehousing takes quite an amount of skill and knowledge. And that is exactly what forklift operators are able to show at the yearly challenge created by Talent in Logistics and UniCarriers. “Forklift operators are a vital asset in an essential economy sector. Their job requires skill, motivation and constant attentiveness. With the Forklift Operator of the Year competition, we want to throw the spotlight on them and thank them for their valuable contribution. It’s great that we can still do so virtually”, states Chris Bates, Managing Director, UniCarriers, UK.

In a first round of online testing, the 30 best competitors qualify for a series of virtual competition finals. Those finals will take place in Telford, UK, from 9th to 11th September. The participants will have to accomplish four tricky Olympics themed tests to prove their skill and knowledge in operating a forklift. You always thought, that warehousing had nothing to do with basketball, weightlifting, show-jumping or golf? Well, spoiler alert: Yes, it does! “Notoriously, the Forklift Operator of the Year finals are something of a spectacle and great fun for all involved – competitors and spectators alike,” says Ruth Edwards, Business Development Director for Talent in Logistics. “Although the competition set-up will be slightly different this time around, the events will still retain the same sense of fun and entertainment, as well as of course closely examining the talent and knowledge of operators to identify the best of the best.” For this, UniCarriers provides the TX3 electric counterbalance forklift truck. This model won the International Forklift of the Year (IFOY) Award in 2019 as well as the Red Dot Award in 2018. With optimised visibility, excellent electric steering and a number of well-thought-out details and innovative ergonomic features, the TX3 is UniCarriers’ pioneering counterbalance truck for safe, healthy and efficient materials handling. UniCarriers will also present other vehicles during digital demonstrations, including more counterbalance trucks, reach trucks, order pickers and pallet trucks.

To guarantee a safe environment for all competitors and their supporters, Talent in Logistics and UniCarriers have established a special health and hygiene concept for the three days of competition. Participants will adhere to the social distancing recommendations during their stay and the tests. Thanks to the virtual event, interested spectators will be able to witness the competition from home or work.

Following the competition, the next opportunity to cheer will be the online Talent in Logistics Awards night on 1st October, where the winner, the “Forklift Operator of the Year 2020” will be announced and honoured within a unique online celebration and networking event for the logistics sector.

To watch the live Forklift Operator of the Year virtual finals, visit


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