by Carbon Intelligence
Oct 29th, 2020
3 mins

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) quantifies environmental impacts from cradle to grave of a product. Using LCA we can ask data-driven questions about which ways of producing, distributing, consuming and disposing of foods, have the lowest environmental impacts. For the frozen food industry LCA can be an incredibly useful tool in showing definitively the environmental benefits of transporting and stocking frozen goods as opposed to fresh.

Carbon Intelligence is inviting BFFF members to a 1-hour virtual event on how to measure the environmental impact of your products and how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is set to influence the future of retail and consumer products. Register your place today.

– Find out how to meet the demands of your customers through LCA
– Understand the different approaches to environmental LCA and why it’s important for your business
– Hear from peers and competitors about their approach to LCA
– Learn about the different measures and how to select the right LCA to meet your objectives
– Hear from Mike Barry, about the importance of LCA for the future of retail and consumer products
– Learn from the experiences from the Director of Sustainability at Vidrala, Fiacre O’Donnell

Expert speakers:
– Mike Barry, former Head of Sustainability at Marks & Spencer
– Fiacre O’Donnell, Director of Sustainability, Vidrala
– Danielle Mulder, Director, Carbon Intelligence
– Kirsty McKell, Associate Director, Carbon Intelligence
– Susie Chalk, Senior Consultant, Carbon Intelligence
– David Koram, Senior Consultant, Carbon Intelligence

If you would like to get in touch to discuss how the Carbon Intelligence team might support your company’s ambition to perform life cycle assessment please email


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