Jun 2nd, 2017
2 mins

Westbridge Foods – New Chicken Burger Range

Burgers, Sliders and Quarter pounders account for 24% of all BBQ SKU’s in retail this year, and with more adventurous flavours on offer and also the customising products such as sauces & toppings available, it’s easy to see why they’re once again so popular.

Westbridge foods are joining in on the summer burger boom by developing their own range of BBQ ready Chicken Burgers.

In this range are: Chicken thigh & breast meat sliders, seasoned and marinated with on trend flavours such as sweet & spicy Gochujang, Smokey Spanish Basque and Caribbean Jamaican Jerk, also in the range is a fully cooked, gluten free, bar-marked quarter pounder.

Both products are designed to be as convenient to grill on the BBQ as they are to cook in the oven.

For any more information about how we can support you, please contact:

Westbridge Foods – 01684 581800


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