by Aunt Bessie's Ltd.
Mar 24th, 2021
4 mins

Arco, the UK’s leading Experts in Safety, invite you to take a virtual tour of their Quality and Product Assurance Laboratory, the UK’s first safety distributor in-house laboratory.

Arco’s very own UKAS and SATRA accredited laboratory which sits at the heart of Arco’s promise – to keep people safe at work.

Take a guided tour around the 3 labs to see first-hand the 5-stage assurance process Arco conduct to make sure they keep that promise.

The laboratory is used to implement a thorough testing regime throughout product development and beyond. It also compliments our certification and due diligence testing programme. The main focuses of the lab are chemical permeability testing, mechanical testing of safety footwear, gloves and Hi-Viz clothing in accordance with the relevant EN standards. Arco aim’s not simply to test to standards, but to exceed them and challenge them for the benefit of our customers and ultimately our end users.

Getting in the car and trusting that your seatbelt is going to work, should you need it to, is the same as trusting the CE mark on PPE products. Out of 100 products, only 1 needs to pass for it to be given a CE mark, so how do you know which products to trust? CE markings do not guarantee compliance.

Arco are able to ensure compliance by carrying out the tests listed below; you will be able to see these tests in action during a 30 Minute virtual tour coming soon.

  • Physical Lab
  • Chemical Lab
  • Textile Lab
  • Slip Testing – Pendulum test
  • Chemical permeation testing
  • Fire resistance testing
  • Toecap failures
  • Azo dyes testing
  • Chromaticity and luminance testing
  • 10 Seconds to save a life.
  • Glove legislation and actions

We need to add – to register your interest for the Arco lab tour, please contact or


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