With food prices rising at their fastest rate for 45 years, shoppers are turning to frozen food instead of fresh to reduce costs – and food manufacturers need to follow suit.

Not only does freezing improve food quality for the consumer, but it can also prolong shelf life, in turn allowing an increase in capacity and storage, enabling producers to reduce costs and adapt quickly to fluctuations in demand in order to stay agile and competitive in a challenging market.

Reduce Costs and Carbon

Every year, the UK food industry wastes 3.6 million tonnes of food, with a market value of £1.2 billion at farm gate prices. It occurs at all stages of the food supply chain, including production, processing, transport, retailing, storage and consumption.

Not only is this a huge waste of money and resources, but it also contributes significantly to pollution. Every business involved in the food industry needs to play its part in reducing food waste and its environmental impact.

One cost effective way of increasing food efficiencies is freezing. Blast freezing maintains the quality of the food at the highest standard whilst extending the shelf life. This can be done at the production stage, allowing you to store a larger volume which saves costs and enables you to meet any increases in demand without any waste. Equally, blast freezing can be added to your processes further down the line, providing more time to redistribute the goods to other customers when there is surplus food.

By improving food efficiency, you are reducing the energy, costs and water usage it would take to grow, manufacture, transport and sell excess food. It also prevents the emission of methane into the atmosphere by diverting waste from landfills, therefore decreasing pollution and improving air quality.

Bespoke Solutions

Whether you are new to freezing or it is an established part of your processes, Dawsongroup can provide unique temperature control solutions that fulfil all your requirements.

Our blast freezers get your produce to -18°C quicker and more efficiently than chamber freezers, saving you time and money as well as reducing your carbon emissions. If you need controlled thawing, we have a range of tempering freezers to suit every demand, and our mobile storage units are quiet, energy-efficient, and compliant with HACCP, BRC and GMP standards.

A free consultation to understand your business needs is just the start of our relationship with you, and it doesn’t end at installation. We provide first-class service, training and support whenever you need it and throughout the term of your contract with us.

Add freezing to your processes and reduce costs from food waste whilst improving your carbon footprint. Arrange a free site visit with our experts and, once they understand your business needs, they will provide you with a free report detailing our recommendations on how to streamline your processes and improve your efficiencies.

If freezing is already an integral part of your processes, contact our experts for a free consultation and see whether our blast freezers can improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase your agility.

Contact us today on 01623 518538 or to see how we can streamline your processes and reduce your costs.

Find out how Dawsongroup’s Smarter Asset Strategy can provide bespoke solutions for your business.


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