by AR Racking Ltd
Jul 11th, 2024
4 mins
  • Rudells Lagerinredningar and AR Racking successfully met the challenge of designing an efficient warehouse for MM Sports.
  • The project required custom solutions for 7560 pallet positions, with adapted loads and Ruddell’s safety measures integrated in a 10.5 metre-high warehouse.

Rudells Lagerinredningar, official distributor of AR Racking in Sweden, is proud to announce the successful completion of a key racking installation project for the new MM Sports warehouse in Gothenburg. This project has been efficiently and professionally carried out, meeting the very highest quality and safety standards.

The warehouse, covering 7000 m², has been fully equipped with pallet racking, with a capacity for 7560 pallets. The installation was completed in 4 weeks, with a team of 4 people, led by Erik Rudell from Rudells Lagerinredningar. This implementation was crucial for MM Sports, one of the largest suppliers of dietary supplements in the Nordic region.

MM Sports, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has stood out in the market since its beginnings in 2002, offering a wide range of products from sportswear through to high quality supplements. Its commitment to quality, service and fast delivery has been key to its success.

The project at the new warehouse of MM Sports presented specific challenges which were addressed with adapted solutions. The racking, with 10.5 metre-high structures, was designed to support loads of up to 650 kg on the first level and 400 kg on the remaining levels. Back stops were installed for pallets on all levels, as well as protections for the uprights and frames, ensuring the safety and integrity of the stored goods.

“The close collaboration between AR Racking, our distributor Rudells Lagerinredningar and the end customer, MM Sports, was key to the successful completion of this project. We are committed to offering storage solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs and that guarantee maximum efficiency in their logistics operations”, said Alberto de la Puente, project leader from AR Racking.


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