Sep 19th, 2014
3 mins

Create a signature bread offering with Brakes’ new sourdough blocks


Brakes 109425_rye_dough_block_03Caterers will be able to create a full signature range of breads for diners with the launch of the new sourdough blocks from Brakes, delivering menu standout and rave reviews from customers.

The new innovation enables caterers to shape the dough – whether it’s for rolls, loaves or baguettes – and then flavour and decorate it as they wish, differentiating them from the competition and creating a talking point. The new premium bread means that operators can not only produce one that is unique to their establishment but also create it quickly and easily in the kitchen.

Brakes 109424_plain_sourdough_block_03Using traditional methods from 100% sourdough and made with quality ingredients, the range comes in plain and rye flavours. As they are frozen, the pre-rolled format helps make portion control easy and also saves space for storage. This convenient ingredient is simple to cook in the oven, so that caterers can deliver high quality results and delicious bread every time, in next to no time.

Sarah Wilkinson, Brakes’ Category Manager for Bakery, said: “Bread is such a staple on every menu that it is easy to see it as a ‘throw away’ ingredient, which shouldn’t be the case.

“Our new sourdough blocks will make caterers’ lives easier by enabling them to create a signature style bread which offers differentiation on their menu. It is also a quick and creative way to catch the attention of diners, and this first rate bread can certainly enhance their overall dining experience.

“We hope that delivering an easy-to-use ingredient, that is convenient and delivers consistent quality every time, will make our new addition a big hit with customers and consumers.”


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