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sales-i is a sales-enablement tool that ensures every sales conversation an organisation has is insight-led and profitable.

It integrates with ERP solutions to identify actionable insights so users can maximise revenue from their customer base while increasing and improving sales team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

The software is accessible on desktop or mobile devices anywhere in the world, which is why, whether the user is
a business leader, or a salesperson out on the road, sales-i is now the industry standard sales-enablement platform for food manufacturing, distribution and wholesale businesses worldwide.

Quick view updates on sales performance against target by customer, salesperson, product and more

Proactive notifications with less dependency on human involvement reducing potential error

KPI reporting for management to monitoring

Provides you and your salespeople with tools that offer further organisation and polish in customer
facing meetings

Access to all your relevant information on any device, even the ability to see your visits offline

Instant visibility of customer communication and ability to collaborate with your colleagues without
having to call them

A secure format for sharing your company sales data that makes it as difficult as possible for employees to
misuse this information

A standardised solution built with the experience of your market that is deliverable in weeks

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Floor 3, 31 Homer Road
B91 3LT, United Kingdom



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Oct 13th, 2020
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