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Culinary Skills in Production

This module is primarily aimed at Food Technologists and Development Chefs working in the food industry who develop products for commercial sale. Its aim is to look at professional kitchen language and professional production language and ensure a true understanding of these by the other complementary discipline whether referring to ingredients e.g. Lipids Vs fat or process e.g. Folding or pumping.

Up to 100% of the funding for the tuition fee could be made available to you through the AgriFood Advanced Training Partnership.

2x one-day workshops:

Day one is delivered separately for Chefs (8 Oct 2014) and Technologists (10 Oct 2014) enabling each to get a basic grounding in the other discipline.

Day two (17 Oct 2014) is delivered together to facilitate joint work to encourage and empower practice of working across the disciplines, breaking down the barriers of language and promoting positive communication.

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